Chasing Elevators

For anyone who has followed my artwork, they will know that I love grain elevators. There is something so elegant about those lovely wooden buildings that grace the skies of western Canada.

I love the way a grain elevator speaks to man’s attempt to tame the wilderness, and leave a practical stamp on the landscape that says “I was here”. To me, it represents the pioneer spirit, which is strong in my family of farmers and entrepreneurs. They came to Alberta more than a century ago to find a better life filled with the promise of progress and better days to come.

“Summer in Brant” Acrylic on Canvas

My newest painting “Summer in Brant” pays homage to a beautiful old (now privately-owned) elevator that is located in Brant, Alberta – a town about 70 kilometres southeast of Calgary. I came across this elevator on one of our “family adventure drives” in southern Alberta with my husband and two youngest boys.

Whenever we are out like this, I always bring a camera, and when I say, “Can you stop the car?” the boys yell in unison: “Nooooo!” They know they will be stuck sitting in a stuffy car – or wandering in the middle of NOWHERE — while mom hops around in ditches and fields taking “shots for her art”.

But, it’s what I do. I’ve had fun painting this gorgeous scene of summer right now when it has been below zero for the last month in the Rocky Mountains. I can smell the grass…hear the birds…and feel the light breeze that created such a spectacular summer scene. I hope you can, too.

The real Brant (Alberta) elevator in its full glory

A carved block (4″ X 4″ X 3/4″) based on the Brant Elevator

Acrylic Painting (36″ X 24″) of the elevator at Azure, Alberta (sold)

Watercolor and Ink painting of Azure, Alberta elevator (sold)


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