Welcome to my studio blog


Inking the block in my studio.

I know that sometimes it is hard to get a look inside an artist’s studio. But, I know you are curious about what goes on in there. I know, because when I am at a show or sale where I am exhibiting my work, people ask me dozens of questions that usually start with, “How did you do that…?”

People love to experience creation. They wonder about how artists start with a blank sheet of paper (or linoleum block or piece of wood, clay, glass, etc.) and get to something that is created out of nothing. And, I love sharing my artwork process. I have almost as much fun creating the artwork as seeing the final piece, and I hope you will share my enthusiasm in the creative process.

This blog is a way of allowing you into my studio. Come in…get behind the art I create, and have a dialogue with me about it. Whether you are an art lover, a collaborator in the blogging or art world, or a fellow creator, let’s talk!

If you have any specific “How did you…” that you want answered, pull up a chair and just ask. I look forward to your visit! (You can also see a more complete collection of my art at www.lindacote.ca.)

Canmore Artist Linda Cote

15 responses to “Welcome to my studio blog

  1. Linda, I just saw the website for the first time. Not sure how I missed it before. But, it looks really nice and I enjoyed looking around. Your process is truly interesting. I don’t know anyone else doing the block art prints. Just wanted you to know I saw it a loved it.

    • Hi Judy. Thanks for checking out my website! Yes, I certainly find the process of printmaking fascinating, as well. The block prints are not that common, but for me it’s a perfect method of expression. I appreciate your comments!

  2. We love your site! I just wanted to let you know we’ve shared your “Rockies girl” video on our blog. It is beautiful!

  3. Linda, your blog is really wonderful! I am very jealous of your frozen pond, sadly just rain here at the moment and only about 3 frosts to speak of. I’ve just recently started a few linos on my project so it’s great to see all your examples of relief printing. I am thinking of doing a few editions to sell in the gallery shop and wondered about edition sizes and pricing? Ideally I’d like them to be quite affordable.
    Anyway keep up the great work and thanks again for all your support for the blog I really appreciate it.

    • Thanks J! I appreciate your comments. Our pond is great, although we’ve had a stretch of warmer weather, so hoping it lasts!

      Pricing editions is a tough one. I haven’t been able to find a good source for how to go about it, but have mostly checked out other professional printmakers to see how they charge. Here is a lovely Etsy treasury that will direct you to several of my favorites printmakers. https://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTUxMDk2NTV8MjcyMzAzODU1MQ/i-spy-l-for-linocut

      Then, it’s quite individual as you will see from the range of prices. For now, I keep most of my editions to under 40 (with about 10% being Artist Proofs for my files), and set a price based on size. Then, new prints are priced more or less if they are bigger or smaller. I also charge more for prints with several colors because they are a lot more work and materials. Not a lot of specific help, but maybe that’s a starting point for you?

      All my print prices are shown in the “portfolio” section of my website http://www.lindacote.ca. Good luck and I look forward to seeing where you go with it!

  4. hi Linda! sorry to use the comment section of the blog to ask your advice as I am sure its possibly not the way to do it? I am trying to restructure my blog so that it is easier to navigate and all the blogs aren’t loaded all at once with more of an introductory page like yours but I cant work out how to achieve this, looking at the word press dash?
    any advice gratefully received or if you know a good tutorial site/book. The exhibition preview is this week if you and Mr C fancy getting some late flights over to Bolton 😉 it should be a special night.

    • Hi James! Just getting the kids to school, and will get back to you asap this morning with ideas! Ooohhh… a trip to Bolton. That would be lovely! 🙂 Talk soon, Linda

      • OK James! So you basically have two options:
        1) Create a new welcome “page” and make that the landing page of your blog (like your other page tabs, only you have to make sure you do some work in the dashboard). See the tutorial here: “Setting up a static first page”

        2) Set up a “sticky” post for a welcome message that ALWAYS appears at the top of your blog posts. (This is how I have handled it, so “new visitors” land on my welcome, but people subscribed will link to the latest blog post and bypass the “welcome” message). See the tutorial here: “Sticky posts” http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2008/09/08/sticky-posts/

        I hope that helps! If you have other questions, feel free to email me at artist@lindacote.ca.

        BEST OF LUCK on your exhibition preview. Wish we could be there. Will be watching your sites for the low-down! 🙂

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    • I couldn’t agree more, Boyd! I have friends who are amazing cooks, or decorate a mean table, and say “I’m not creative!” I love to point out that everyone is creative, and you don’t have to “draw” to claim it!

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