Office gallery provides a unique place for artists

(Update to this blog: I have enjoyed a 6-month display at this location.  As of October 10, 2011, my artwork is no longer on display, but Tracey has another artist displaying artwork after me, so you can still visit and see local art!)

Canmore is a town full of artists and (lucky for us) also art lovers. I have recently come to know a local business woman who is an art fan. She is also a firm believer in promoting local artists. So much so that she regularly turns her place of work into a showcase for local talent.

I met Tracey Cote because she is my dental hygienist (she’s not a relative, but I am sure if we compared family trees, we’d find a common ancestor somewhere). She’s the proprietor of a one-person independent business that offers private hygiene services to her clients. In other words, her business is not tucked inside a larger dental office.

Location of my newest show

She has a nice modern office with a comfortable waiting room, and lots of wall space. Several months ago, we got talking about my art and she offered me the chance to put on an art show at her office. She stated simply, “I have a lot of walls, and original art really dresses it up. It’s nice for my customers, but I also enjoy having new art to look at, too.”

Tracey has hosted a number of local Canmore artists, card makers and other artisans. Starting today, her office will be home to a selection of my acrylic paintings and a small selection of my framed limited edition block prints (for sale by contacting me directly).

You don’t have to be a client to come have a look. Her business is Wildrose Dental Hygiene Centre and is located at Suite 101, 999 Bow Valley Trail, Canmore, Alberta (look for the “Art  Show” sign in the window).

“I get a lot of people through here,” she tells me “so why not promote local artists?” Then she adds with a laugh, “And, on the bright side, where else can you have someone in a chair staring at your art for an hour?”

As an aside, she’s also a wonderful hygienist with a gentle touch and firm ideas about taking care of your teeth. My kids love her, even the one who normally freaks out going to dentists. You can check her out at

Below are my art pieces currently showing at Wildrose:

“The Color of Grey”, acrylic on canvas, sized 16″ X 20″

“Summer in Brant”, acrylic on canvas, sized 12″ X 24″

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