My carved gnome goes a-travelling

I am delighted that I can say my carvings have landed all around the world: I recently had a carved Old World Santa travel to Texas, I have a family of four snow people nestled in Oslo, Norway, and I created a Santa with an Asian twist for a friend’s sister who lives in Hong Kong and misses our traditional Christmases in Canada.

Recently, I heard from my brother and sister-in-law that the gnome they bought from me this spring — that normally lives an hour east of me in Calgary — went travelling with them on their holiday to California and Arizona.

What prompted their idea? Maybe he reminded them of the Travelocity gnome, or maybe just because they have a great sense of humor and love a little fun. Either way, I am so glad they did! When they showed me the photos, I laughed and knew I had to borrow a few photos to share with you.

Enjoy their little gnome’s trip that begins in San Francisco, California and ends in Sedona, Arizona and finds some pretty cool places in between!

Gnomes won’t drive, so he had to hitch a ride in my sister-in-law’s backpack.

Every trip to California must include the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The gnome is shivering because of the dampness.

Taking a relaxing “chill” at Ben & Jerry’s most famous “scoop shop” in America: at the corner of Haight & Ashbury, San Francisco. This is the famous center of the 1960s hippie movement, and Ben & Jerry’s claims this is the spot where ” everyone can find peace, love and ice cream”.

Next to the Totem Pole at the Cliff House, San Francisco. The gnome said, “If I stand really tall, can you see the similarity in the way our hats taper?”

The gnome apparently asked for this special detour to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to ride the coaster. But, darn, the roller coaster was closed!

At the Monterey Bay Aquarium, the gnome found an amazing destination located at the site of a former sardine factory in Cannery Row. It gets 1.8 million visitors annually (+ 1 gnome). But, look out for the killer whale!

The gnome waits for his owners to come back to their historic rental home after sight-seeing around Pacific Grove, California. The gnome noticed they stayed rather long at the famous beach spot nearby called “Lover’s Point”.

The Bixby Bridge on the coast of California is 218 m long and over 85 m high. It’s one of the most photographed features along this stretch of coast. It is also mentioned in a cool, modern song by “Death Cab For Cutie” (one of the gnome’s favorite bands).

Along California’s Big Sur coastline, this is “Hole in the Rock” at Pfeiffer Beach. The gnome told my brother: “I am NOT going in there.”

King’s Canyon in eastern California. My sister-in-law warned the gnome: “Stand very still, and don’t look down!” Thankfully, it was not a windy day.

Part of the Historic Route 66 at Needles, California which boasts “10.8 continuous miles” of this famous highway! The gnome yells: “Can you see me now??” (Hint: look in the middle of the two sixes.)

At the Grand Canyon, Arizona. After his King’s Canyon experience on the ledge of a viewpoint, the gnome wanted to take a safer look at this deep canyon, so enjoyed his vantage point from behind my brother.

The gnome poses in front of Montezuma’s Castle, near Sedona. This is one of the best preserved cliff dwellings in North America built in 760 AD by the Sinagua people. The gnome says, “Wow. That is amazing. Although gnomes have been around a long time, too, people only started noticing us in the 19th century.”

Climbing the red walls near Sedona, Arizona. Although this gnome was born in Canmore, his quick move to Calgary didn’t allow him to practice rock climbing in the Rockies. He was heard to say, “Have you got the picture?? This is high up!”

It was a great trip, but all that travelling made the gnome very tired. Thankfully, a beautiful hotel room was available at the end of each day.


5 responses to “My carved gnome goes a-travelling

  1. What great photos! I want to take a gnome travelling, too. Hmmm…maybe Beach Santa needs a trip to Maui…

    I bet your brother and sister-in-law were laughing every time they took a shot.


    • Thanks, Lauri…I think Beach Santa would love a trip to Maui (I know I would!). If you have room in your suitcase, you have to send me photos!

  2. I just giggled looking through these photos. Especially the one on route 66 and the “Pat’s back pocket” pic. I could just see those two—carrying that little guy everywhere. Just fantastic. Great pictures/sites too!

    Thanks for this post Lin—really made my heart smile.


  3. Oh and one more note—have you seen Amelie? I can’t be sure, but I think this may be where this idea began years ago. If you haven’t, do watch that video. It’s absolutely fantastic, and very french.


    • Hey Michelle — glad you enjoyed this! I loved that they did it and share it with me. I HAVE seen Amelie, but it’s been a long time. I believe a re-viewing is in order! 🙂

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