Monster of a time: fun for all ages

I have the pleasure of belonging to an artist group called the Hand Made Here Artist Collective, which is a collection of professional artists who come together to show and sell their artwork once or twice a year.

At our collective’s art show in November 2011, I fell in love with Jill Nuckle’s felted creatures (check out her artwork on her Little Felt Factory website or Etsy Shop). I purchased a felting kit from Jill to give to my six-year-old son for Christmas. He loves anything soft, things that look a little different, and is still very open to making art with his mom.

Jill is one of our founding members and has a BFA in Sculpture from the Alberta College of Art & Design (Calgary). On her website, she describes her fascination with bulding art pieces from wool: “I am drawn to natural materials and the ancient traditional processes that are part of our human experience.”

The kit we bought from Jill came with all the supplies we needed to make a little “loveable monster” from scratch. Inside the kit, I would get the instructions to learn to felt for the first time, and he would end up with a funky little monster to take to bed. It was definitely a win-win for mom and kid. Here is how we made out.

Starting a fun kit to make our own stuffed monster

Complete instructions included in the kit; easy and simple to follow

All the wool is pre-measured, and three felting needles are included

It’s easy enough for a 6-year-old but just a word of caution if you are trying this at home…the needles are VERY sharp (I did most of the needle work)

Rolling the wool to make the legs

The body takes shape; the needle felting is done on a high-density foam

Felting the toes

Our monster starts to come alive: adding details

My son holds the eye in place, ready to attach

Felting the eyes

Almost done…just one more eye to go

The final monster – so cute!

My six-year-old holds his new Loveable Monster (we had a little extra white so added finger & toe nails!)


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