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versatile blogger award

Thanks to Drew Kail for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  I really appreciate Drew’s support, and am thrilled he thought my blog worthy of an award. Please take a moment to check out his blog … it is one of my favorites!

The rules of the award ask that I also nominate 15 blogs I think deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.  The blogs listed below are both informative and inspiring.

1. Serenity Spell “Wild in Florida”: this blog is photography-rich, and always has amazing photos of the natural environment and the animals and birds that live there. Thoughtful, playful and a feast for the eyes.

2. Sue Coo Art: a printmaker and artist who lives in Brighton, England. Sue’s art is colorful and her blog showcases her creativity and techniques.

3. Andrew Berwick: an illustration student in university in North Wales, Andrew’s artistic style is bold and inspiring.

4. Canadian Art Junkie: an incredibly abundant visual feast of paintings, art, photography, illustration and other visual arts from Canada. Joan Walters is a journalist, traveller and art lover who never ceases to amaze me with the vast array of posts. You can get lost here for days.

5. The Linoprinter: Anne E Thomas is an artist in Surrey, UK. She shows her processes and shares inspiring art from her life and travels. I’ve learned a lot from reading her posts on her creation of lino reduction blocks.

6. Barb Fyvie Studio: The incredible artist I share studio space with, Barb and her artwork is always inspiring. Check out her recent painting-a-day challenge on her blog (and browse the rest of her website while you are there). I am lucky enough to actually witness her creations first-hand!

7. Dea Fischer, Book Artist: Her bio page claims she has “a slow burning love affair with books”, and this blog is rich with examples, techniques and inspiration. But, Dea is so much more; to quote her bio, she is “artist; bookbinder; muralist; singer; writer; teacher; mentor; advocate; mother; wife; sister; daughter; traveller; emigrant; returner; former lawyer; aspiring librarian; nature lover; collector; dreamer . . .” You get the point. Lots of great inspiration on this blog.

8. Tiffany Teske “Art Food AND Motherhood”: Tiffany is “dedicated to living an artful & creative life, each & everyday” and it is obvious on this blog. It covers fun things to do with kids, recipes, vintage surprises, and her stunning art and photography. A truly diverse and creative view of the world.

9. Paul Zizka Photography: This link is to Paul’s blog, but do check out his whole website for incredible photos from this mountain adventurer and landscape photographer. I live in the Rockies, but I am always awe-stuck when I see the way his photos capture the magnificence of this planet.

10. Helwig Studio: Alice is a painter living in southern Alberta who uses acrylics (and more) to celebrate the prairie landscape. Her paintings are playful, fresh and full of energy. Visual candy.

11. Time To Be Inspired: I see Terri has been nominated for another award (congratulations!), but I just can’t resist adding to that. This designer’s blog is chock full of art, food, photography, travel, fun and real life. A creative look inside someone’s artful life.

12. Life Needs Art “Abstract Art Inspired By Nature and Imagination”: Karen Koch is an Ohio artist who shares the many aspects of her life and art. The name of her blog says it all, and I heartily agree with that sentiment.

13. Creative Kismet: this beautiful site by Regina Lord is resplendent with inspiring posts, tutorials, ideas and art. Regina “incorporates art into her daily living whether though painting, drawing, photography, art journaling or blogging about her creative passions“. Expect to spend some time here.

14. Richard Berry Photography: Richard’s blog is one way I get to travel the world: Ecuador, Africa and the Galapagos are just a few of the recent trips he has captured on film. This blog also has great photography and photoshop tips, plus book and DVD recommendations.

15. Town of Canmore Arts & Culture: My local town’s blog keeps our artists up-to-date on exhibitions, festivals, funding and residencies. And, they round it out with posts on featured artists, as well. A valuable resource.

Here are the rules:

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.

  •  Thank the person who gave you this award.
  •  Include a link to their blog.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered, follow regularly or think are worthy of reading.
  •  Tell those 15 bloggers you’ve nominated them for the Versatile Blogger Award.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you seven things about yourself.

Note that you do not have to participate.  I nominated each of you because I feel your blogs are fantastic and deserve to be recognized, read and followed.

And finally, here are my seven things about me:

1. Although I am officially trained as a journalist, I have had a life-long passion for art and am now living my dream creating art for a living.

2. I am a bit of a couch potato, and that’s why I love following other people’s blogs. It takes me away from my world, and gets me out of my home routine. Failing that, my two youngest kids (who are 7 and 10) always know how to inspire me to get out and about.

3. I am a total foodie (ummm…hedonist), and love watching culinary shows. Probably not the best paired with #2 above, which is why I also practice yoga and pilates. And, brisk walks and bike rides with my kids.

4. I love jazz music, and often it’s the type of music I play (loudly) in the art studio when I am creating. Some of my favorites include: Oscar Peterson, Victor Wooten, Bill Evans, Phineas Newborn Jr, Dave Brubeck and Jeff Gammon (the last is my son, the jazz musician).

5. I secretly harbor a retirement wish of living in a small stone farm house in Ontario or New Foundland. This retirement home would have a barn converted into an artist’s studio, but I would also raise chickens (I LOVE eggs) and spend my falls canning my own jams and salsas. (My retirement dream also has my hubby there, who is shy, so I won’t name him.)

6. I have six children ranging in age from 22 to 7. They are my joy, my inspiration and occasionally my challenge when I need to find time for my art. I could never accomplish what I do without my beloved husband who supports me 150%. My life is very full, for which I am grateful.

7. Although I am a visual artist, I also love to write. But, then, you may have noticed my blog posts contain quite a few more words than photos. It’s a toss up some days on which way to better to express myself, verbally or visually.

14 responses to “Award nomination for my blog

  1. Linda,
    Congrats on your award! I think I messed up and perhaps you didn’t get my nomination for you for the Sunshine Blogger’s Award. It must be award season. Thanks again for this nomination. I love your blog and the new look. I love you work and when I grow up I want to make beautiful prints like yours! Sorry if this is confusing. Congratulations!!! Terri

    • Hi Terri, no confusion! It’s so funny. Drew nominated me a while ago, but I wanted to clean up my site and seriously look at my top 15 so I would add value to others through my recommendations. Yours definitely qualified. Then I saw that you just had been awarded the “Sunshine Award”, too! I like your blog so much I figured two awards were in order! And, thanks for your nice comments about my prints. I love that. Your work is also lovely! 🙂

      • Thanks, but you do see that you were nominated for the Sunshine Award, right? I mean, you don’t have to respond, but you should add it to your “credentials”! I appreciate all the time you must have put into replying to the Versatile Blogger award. I am amazed at how much time it takes, and I will also take my time with posting my acceptance. Good idea.

      • Yes, I did! I saw your post on my NYC blog. I think my “thank you” to you got buried. So, thanks SO much for nominating me for the Sunshine Award as well! I will be posting that up in the next week or so. It does take time, but the recognition is so lovely. I really appreciate it. (And thanks for your comments on my new “look” on the blog. I am digging the way it looks now.)

  2. Linda – Thank you so much for the nomination and your description! Your blog picks are amazing, and I’m also grateful for those introductions. Not to mention that this whole post is a great read. I will be posting soon.

  3. Hi Linda – thank you sooo much for nominating me. Your blog is fab. I really don’t blog as often as I would like to! Will try to be better….

    • Thanks so much! Now that I have a few posts, it became more important to make it easier to find them. Thanks for the encouragement. I like it much better, too!

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  5. A little tardy, but CONGRATS! And so many thanks for your kind and thoughtful description of Serenity Spell — has me grinning ear-to-ear. 🙂 I love reading about your beautiful art and processes…. It’s thoroughly inspiring!

  6. Thank YOU Christina for following my posts and for your inspiring blog as well. Glad you liked your nomination…all true! I LOVE visiting Florida’s finest natural areas (and inhabitants) through your posts!

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