A lovely spring show of mountains

It’s spring break here in the Canadian Rockies, and we decided to take a trip to British Columbia for a few days. It’s a two-hour drive from our home to Lake Windermere in BC, and the drive takes you up and over a spectacular pass near “Storm Mountain”.

Luckily, this day there was no storm — the sky was blue and although there were clouds, this just managed to make the spring mountains all the more stunning with the sun poking through the clouds here and there, and lighting up the peaks as we drove.

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-1The photos in this blog were taken from the car window — not something I usually do — but then the running scene was so fantastic, I couldn’t help myself.

Here is a lovely display of our mountain trek along Highway 93 as we crest the top of the pass near Storm Mountain (the mountain stands 3,095 m or 10,154 ft) on the border of Alberta and BC, and make the long descent to our destination.

Along this stretch of highway we cross the Continental Divide and drive into Kootenay National Park and eventually reach Columbia Valley where Lake Windermere stands at an elevation of only 859 m or 2,863 ft. The drive is a visual treat the whole way.

When I create prints of the Rocky Mountains, very often my color palette is exactly what we saw that day: white clouds, blue sky, and the grey and black shades of the mountains. I was in heaven. I hope you enjoy this feast for the eyes!

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-2

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-3

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-4

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-5

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-6

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-7

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-8

LINDA COTE-Highway 93-9jpg

9 responses to “A lovely spring show of mountains

  1. Great pictures. I am sure you found a lot of inspiration for future prints. I am happy to see I am not the only one that shoots from the car…. mountain passes don’t always have conveniently located “Kodak Moment” spots.

    • Hey Deb, yes lots of inspiration for sure. And that’s funny about shooting from the car. I often want to take photos along our drives but it is hardly convenient (or safe) to stop! At least my children weren’t saying “Come on, mom, lets go!!” every two minutes! LOL. I’m not the most fun on a hike!

      • We drive between here and the coast every 6 weeks or so, so we pass a lot of mountains. Unfortunately I rarely have time to stop because we are always either trying to catch the ferry or get home before 2 am. I think we may have to start stopping (at somewhere other than Tim Hortons that is! LOL!)

      • I know what you mean! I am always passing interesting little lakes and stops where other people are parked, and mentally saying “next time” but, really I should make “next time” happen SOME time!

      • Yes, other people do interfere with nature’s beauty. We have been saying our children have become beach snobs where they don’t want to go to a beach if there is anyone else on it because it is “busy”. I think they are going to have to change their tune as summer approaches, in February you can have a beach to yourself, August long weekend, probably not.

    • It is quite a drive Elaine! I love early spring while there is still the contrast of the snow high on the peaks. It makes the sunny days so gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful shots, Linda. I’m a big fan of car photography. Started when I practiced a lot of bus photography in Turkey and now I can’t stop. I ride with my camera out and at the ready, because as soon as I put it away, we drive past something I wanted to shoot!

    • Thanks, Terri! I was happy to be a passenger this time. Many times I’m driving by myself and trying to imprint the beautiful scenery on my mind! Glad to hear someone else enjoys shooting out the window.

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