Raven card celebrates local business

I was thrilled recently to be asked to contribute a work of art to one of our beloved local Canmore businesses: Sunny Raven Galley.

In October 2013, Meg Nicks and Paul Goutiere — the owners of Sunny Raven Gallery — will celebrate 30 years in business in Canmore, Alberta.

LINDA COTE-Printing Raven Cards

New cards drying in my art studio.

Meg and Paul are both artists: Meg is a mixed media painter and Paul is a photographer.

Their business is a full-service framing company (they are the longest operating custom framers in the Bow Valley) but their gallery and frame shop in Canmore’s Elk Run district is also a great place to browse through their own art as well as the art of locals in this area.

Meg is also a creator and lover of artist books, and has for many years hosted an annual artist book show each summer — which I contributed a book to last year. This year, Sunny Raven Gallery will be one of the stops on the Rocky Mountain Tour of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG) “Art of the Book” showcase in July 2013.

This is the way Meg and Paul are: they are great connectors in this community and are involved in many aspects of business and art. This year has been busy — in addition to running their business, Meg created a stunning display of public art at the newly opened Elevation Place in Canmore, and they have their on-going commitment as part of our Elk Run artist collective.

So, when Meg asked me if I could design and hand-print a special Sunny Raven card for their shop’s celebration this year, of course I said yes!

Here is the creation of this card for a very special business.

LINDA COTE-Sunny RavenSketch

It all starts with a sketch. This one is based on a raven I saw in a very craggy tree near Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park. He landed in the tree and continued to make calls for 15-20 minutes.

LINDA COTE-Carve raven sketch

The design is transferred onto the block, ready for carving.

LINDA COTE-Carve raven

The partially carved block. The raven emerges…

LINDA COTE-Carve raven block

The raven block is carved. The yellow circle of the sun is made with a plain circular block, and printed first, then left to dry.

LINDA COTE-yellow layer

I rather love the dots on the paper on their own. But…you couldn’t have a sunny raven card without the raven!
LINDA COTE-Printing Black

The first test print with black overlaying the yellow — I need to lay on more ink!

LINDA COTE-Hanging Raven Cards

Beginning the print run.

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The printed cards, hanging to dry.

LINDA COTE-Sunny RavenCard pkg

Packaging the cards for Sunny Raven’s shop, where the cards will be sold.

LINDA COTE-Sunny Raven Final

Here is the final card — the grey border is just to show the dimensions of the card, which measures  7″ tall x 5″ wide. The final cards are on a white background, come with an envelope, and are available at Sunny Raven Gallery.

I hear Meg may also frame a few…that is a compliment for sure!


6 responses to “Raven card celebrates local business

  1. Wow! that is awesome Linda.
    What a great personal touch for a celebration.

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