Abundance is evident in the garden

We’re members of the Canmore Community Garden, a wonderful way to find others in our town with a passion for gardening and grow some veggies and herbs in this rather challenging mountain environment.

LINDA COTE-young in garden

I’ve been playing in gardens for a long time!

June was a busy month for us, as we moved our family home, got the kids through the last weeks of school and dealt with a major flood in our community. So, it had been several weeks since we’d been to the garden.

When we returned recently, we were amazed at how much it has exploded in the last month. I am always inspired when I look at nature in all its beautiful forms. Although this community garden is a tended garden, its plants, flowers (and weeds!) carry on through all kinds of weather and show their incredible abundance to us at every turn.

“Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”
Epicurus, Greek Philosopher (341 BC – 270 BC) 

All it takes is a few minutes in this amazing community garden to reinforce the best of what is available to us in the garden:

  • a sense of community and cooperation with others
  • a peaceful and tranquil haven from our busy lives
  • a place to nurture something outside ourselves
  • a space for learning about the natural processes of life
  • a visually beautiful spot for our eyes
  • somewhere where we can get dirty and tired, and forget about other worries
  • abundant inspiration for my art

Here is a small tour of our lovely community garden and a few photographs to share this abundance with you. (If you want to compare the garden with a few months ago, here is my blog from May.)

LINDA COTE-beans hoops

The garden is in an open area behind our community hospital. The hospital donated the land for use as a community garden in exchange for a plot where they can grow food for their kitchen.LINDA COTE-Canmore Garden

First thing in the morning, it’s a pretty special place to be with the sun coming up over the mountains to the east.


We are on the “Beans ‘n’ Squash” team so we have several large beds with hoops and poly coverings to take care of over the season.

LINDA COTE-Squash flower

A squash plant flowering. They definitely like the hot cover of the poly! I could never get these so big and healthy in my home garden.

LINDA COTE-Volunteer bok choy

This bok choy plant self-seeded itself in our beans ‘n’ squash bed. Of course, we’re letting it grow!

LINDA COTE-lettuces

A lovely display of planting by the lettuce team.

LINDA COTE-drunken lettuce

I laughed at this tag, then went home to look it up to see if it’s for real. It is! It is from West Coast Seeds where they community garden gets a lot of its seeds.

LINDA COTE-cabbage

The cabbages are growing like crazy. Pretty impressive for the middle of July!

LINDA COTE-broccoli

I couldn’t get over the size of the broccoli already! My kids loved seeing this dinner-table staple in its natural state.

LINDA COTE-nasturtiums

Beautiful nasturtiums! All parts of this plant are edible, including the flowers.

LLINDA COTE-beans hoops2

Our hoop garden with beans and squash, and the big rhubarb plant growing on the end. We’ve already made one rhubarb pie.

LINDA COTE-Garden hoops night

The beans and squash beds in their covered state (with Canmore’s Three Sisters mountain in the background). The covers are a simple construction but give these tender-ish plants a great environment to grow in.

LINDA COTE-to do list

Our message board in the garden where gardeners — and children — can leave messages. And drawings!

LINDA COTE-awesome

A note on the general board just inside the gate. My feelings exactly!


6 responses to “Abundance is evident in the garden

    • Thanks Lesley! I’m afraid I can’t take all the credit haha. I have a great team. We are lucky to have such a gorgeous place in our community!

    • Thank you! I did like mucking about as a kid, too. And, yes, our head gardener sent around an email about experimenting with different ways of eating the flowers!

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