Art in action at Canmore Museum

This past week I was happy to be included in a local printmaking happening at the Canmore Museum and Geoscience Centre. The museum was hosting the “Imagined Texts: Exploring Community” travelling exhibit, a wonderful collaboration between three Calgary-based organizations which included printmakers, bookbinders and writers.

The idea of the original exhibit (launched in 2008) was to have the public respond to and explore the personal meanings of what community meant to them. The strong collaborative component was definitely the favorite part of the original exhiibit.

To quote the information in the exhibit:

“The project was a successful example of how collaborations involving artists and the public can increase connections between the two groups and produce work and experiences relevant and immediately felt by contemporary societies.”

LINDA COTE-Printmaking Demo newspaperTo celebrate hosting this wonderful exhibit, and in keeping with the original intent of the exhibit, the Canmore Museum organized several workshops and demonstrations to create a space where the public could engage with different Canmore artists. August 14 and 15 saw Canmore book artist Dea Fischer host two styrofoam printmaking workshops where adults and children were encouraged to make a picture of their home, carve it into styrofoam and print it on paper. The resulting artwork was bound into a lovely concertina book by Dea, shown below.

CMAGS styrofoam book

If you missed Dea’s workshop, directions on styrofoam printmaking can be found on my blog, too. On August 28, Victoria from the Canmore Museum hosted a potato printing workshop, and on Thursday, August 29, I came in to demonstrate how I create handmade postcards using the relief method of printing.

Here are a few photos from the day.

LINDA COTE-Printmaking Demo CMAGS2

Printmaking demonstration set up in the lobby of the Canmore Civic Centre, next to the Museum

LINDA COTE-Printmaking Demo CMAGS3

Two styles of postcards were printed and hung on my portable clothes dryer.

LINDA COTE-Printmaking Demo at Museum

Here I am printing the postcards at the demo table.

Prior to the event, I created 100 hand-printed bookmark give-aways that spoke to the “What is Community?” theme. For me, although community can be a place, it is more often a feeling or heart-connection. I wanted to share this idea and give away a bouquet of hearts. If you missed the demo, the Canmore Museum has extra copies of the free bookmark at their shop while supplies last.

LINDA COTE-Bookmarks CMAGS demo

Bookmarks hanging in my studio to dry days before the event.

LINDA COTE-Hearts Bouquet bookmark

The final Hearts Bouquet bookmark

The exhibit has been in Canmore for some time, and only has a limited stay remaining into early September before it heads back home to the Alberta Society of Artists, the organizers of this Arts Travelling Exhibition Program (TREX) .

LINDA COTE-Imagined Texts

Imagined Texts exhibit at the Canmore Museum

If you have a chance, pop in to see the exhibit. It’s a fun and interesting look at community, and as my last photo below shows, this is one museum exhibit the Canmore Museum wants you to touch and interact with! How fabulous.

CMAGS do touch sign

Canmore Museum encourages touching with this exhibit


3 responses to “Art in action at Canmore Museum

    • It was great Deb! It’s busy doing these things, but the demo is a pretty quick set up now for me. I finally figured out exactly what I need and try to keep it minimal! Simplicity is key LOL.

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