Violet De Vine Design sheds light on my background

As I was casting about for ideas about what to blog about this week, it hit me: why not share a just-posted interview by the lovely Michelle Cote, founder of Violet De Vine Design?

LINDA COTE-ArtistMichelle is a multi-talented woman. She runs her own art and design business, does the techy-web-thing, paints, blogs and has an amazing “bring it on” outlook on life that is contagious.

She is a whiz with a camera, too, having taken many portraits of my children, and this photo of me — one of my favorites — for my first website.

She’s also my fabulous niece. But before we go any further, let me say that I would have picked her as friend out ofย a room full a women, blood relations or not. No question about that.

Michelle is featuring artists and designers on her blog, and she recently posted up an interview with me. For those of you who have known me only through this blog, here is a little more background that reaches back to a time before art was a full-time gig.

Thanks, Michelle, for being there on the journey with me!

Michelle blog preview


6 responses to “Violet De Vine Design sheds light on my background

    • Thanks, Deb! It’s funny…it’s more information than I would have put down in a blog about myself, so it’s nice that someone else drew it out by interviewing me!

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