Creative use of space: artist suitcase sale

A couple times a year, an art sale with a twist takes place in Banff’s historic Harmony Lane, where artists and vintage purveyors sell out of a suitcase.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase 4I was part of  the Spring Suitcase Sale on Apri l 12, 2014. I love this sale because it forces me to pare my usually elaborate display way down. Mind you, travelling light was never my strong point. Luckily, for this sale, I got two “spots” so I could trim my display enough to fit into two suitcases.

Everyone at the sale must fit their jewelry, textiles, fiber arts, and more into a vintage suitcase. It’s creative display-making at its best.

For me, this sale is so easy. My typical set up involves grid walls, tables, framed pieces, etc., and usually sees me stuffing a car — with only room for a driver.

This time, I set up the suitcases in my studio, fill them with art, add a sign here and there, then close the lids. Here is a photo of my display in two suitcases, and the chair I bring to sit on.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase pack up

These two beautiful suitcases came to me from a couple of followers on my Facebook page after I put out a call for vintage carriers in exchange for one of my handmade prints. I love these suitcases — each came with a personal story — and I feel honored to now call them part of my studio display. Check out the inside liner of the leather suitcase. A work of art in itself!

LINDA COTE-Suitcase insideHere are a few photos of my set up at the suitcase sale in the mall. Those lovely hanging papers in the back belong to Gingko and Ink Atelier, Banff’s exquisite paper store.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase set up

Close up of my suitcase with cards and alphabet prints.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase 3

LINDA COTE-Suitcase Alphabet

The alphabet prints come in many different colors.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase 2

The leather suitcase with my art prints. A hanging line extends my display.

LINDA COTE-Suitcase Carving

While there, I demonstrated carving a small block. Here, a small bird emerges from the base art.

LINDA COTE-At Suitcase Sale April 12-2014

Me and my display. It’s always a great time at this sale — the other vendors love to laugh and visit, we see a number of Banff locals and tourists through the mall, and at the end…I flip my art flat, buckle up the suitcases and head home. Easiest display ever.


8 responses to “Creative use of space: artist suitcase sale

  1. What a cool show idea. I like the clothespin concept for display. I can never get over how busy you are. How do you do it?! Very inspiring.

    • Haha, Deb! It does feel busy sometimes, but thankfully I am super-organized. Mind you, this show is pretty easy (smaller display means you can do less). The clothespins work really well — it’s how I hang my prints to dry in my studio, so dual purpose!

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