Young Raven: a video for visual learners

Printmaking is a bit uncommon as a way of making art. When I’m at art shows, I have discovered that bringing my computer so I can show a video of my process is truly worth a thousand words.

LINDA COTE-Young Raven Block CarvingIt is so satisfying to see someone go from being unfamiliar with printmaking to really getting the backwards carving, and the hands-on process it takes to create my art.

My YouTube channel shows how I create several different kinds of artwork: from wooden ornaments and cards to multi-colored handmade prints.

I have plans to add more videos soon (I have reams of raw footage sitting on my computer, waiting to be edited into something short!), but here is my latest video on creating my two-color reduction linocut print.

I love sharing my process. I have gotten so many great tips from other printmakers and artists, that’s it’s nice to give back. I’m so grateful for YouTube, where art instruction (and sharing) is just a click away!

If you are more of a reader, click here for the written blog describing the process of creating this print.

LINDA COTE-Young Raven

“Young Raven” Two-color linocut reduction print. 6″ high X 8″ wide

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4 responses to “Young Raven: a video for visual learners

  1. Hi Linda your video is great. I am intrigued by your registration. Did you devise that yourself? if so what materials did you use. It looks like wood with dowels. it seems to work brilliantly.

    • Hi Hazel, thanks for watching! Yes, I cobbled this together based on several registration methods I saw in books. It’s not pretty, but it works really well for me, and it is cheap to make. If you send me your email (contact form on my website I will send you instructions on how to make one, if you want. You’ll also see more of the ‘jig’ in my YouTube videos, especially this new one making my Blue Jay print:
      Cheers, Linda

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