A day out skiing in the Canadian Rockies

The final installment in my three-print series featuring scenes from a Canadian winter take us out to a beautiful cross-country ski trail in Alberta’s Banff National Park, just outside the townsite of Banff. (The other two prints are referenced at the bottom of this blog.)

Linda Cote- Rockies SkiThe Cascade Valley ski trail is actually part of the road you drive on in the summer to get to Lake Minnewanka, Two Jake Lake and Johnson Lake.

Between November and April, the winter closure of the paved road allows for a reduced level of activity as the road borders an important wildlife corridor.

It also creates a fabulous area to cross-country ski in, and this day found me and my (then) 8-year-old out for a lovely ski. The view of mount Inglismalde and Mount Girouard down the valley is stunning!

For this blog, I will post some photos of winter activities from my neck of the woods, and finish with a few process shots for this block.

LINDA COTE-Cascade Valley

Skiing on the Cascade Valley Road. Beautiful Views!

Another photo taken the same day but heading in a different direction. As the mountains wrap all around you, there is no bad view!


Alpine skiing at Mount Norquay, Banff. This hill is about 20 minutes from our home.

The Norquay ski hill in Banff was one I downhill skied on with my family growing up. My two pre-teen boys and I had ski passes last year, so spent a lot of time on the hill. There is nothing like it on a sunny day!

LINDA COTE-Norquay Ski

My son, far right, watches the ski racers at Norquay on a black diamond run.

Once up the hill on Norquay, the views are incredible. The mountain in the background is the iconic Mount Rundle next to the town of Banff — one of my favorite local mountains. This was a couple years ago, and my son often stopped on this pass-through to check out the skiers on a very steep hill. By the end of the season, he was also flying down it (but not me!).

LINDA COTE-Tubing Norquay

The tube park at Norquay for when you are tired of skiing.

Norquay also has a tubing park that is a ton of fun. Since this photo a few years ago, the tube park is bigger with many more lanes. You can go down in tandem or on your own. The attendants at the top are happy to spin you as well!


On the pond in Canmore, Alberta.

Our town has a skating pond on a small shallow creek (so it freezes fast and stays frozen) just one block back from our main street. It’s a local favorite for kids of all ages, and lots of hockey gets played here by families, too.

LINDA COTE-Tobagganing Banff Springs

Skate and toboggan at the Banff Springs Hotel.

Behind the Banff Springs Hotel, there is a skating rink and toboggan hill so you can spend a whole day and play with lots of different winter activities. There is often pit fires at the side of the rink, and if we have a lot of snow, you can cross-country ski on the nearby Banff Springs golf course.

With all these activities in winter, it’s little wonder that my latest skiing print was the last in a series of three prints featuring activities my family regularly engages in during our Canadian winter. The other two handmade linocut prints in the series are “Pond Hockey” and “The Perfect Tree“.

Here are a couple of photos from the creation of this print.

LINDA COTE-Ski block and tracing paperThe sketch, based on my photo, is transferred to the block and carving begins. I’m using a soft linoleum made by Speedball — the same as for my other two prints in this series.

LINDA COTE-Ski block2

Further along in the carving process. The final print will not be that large (8.25″ x 3.5″) and it’s a fun challenge to work small.

LINDA COTE-pull print

Once the block is finished and inked, I pull the first print to see how it turned out.

LINDA COTE-print Ski block

Proofing on my glass top table in the studio. Looks good, so I spend the next couple hours running the edition. In this case, I print 36 limited edition prints.

LINDA COTE-print drying

Prints dry on my clothesline in the studio. I can have several print editions drying at once, as is the case here.

LINDA COTE-Rockies Ski Day

“Rockies Ski Day”
Handmade Fine Art Linocut Print 8.25″ w x 3.5″ h

Here is the final print in the three-print series: “Rockies Ski Day”. For more information, or purchase price, click on the print for details.


5 responses to “A day out skiing in the Canadian Rockies

  1. This is a really great post. I love the pictures, the story and the print. I am sure it will be a popular series for those who collect your work.

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