Love art documentaries? Fill your boots!

I must say, lately we are enjoying cable television less as a family. Maybe it’s the so-so programming, or maybe we are getting used to directing our own content on the Internet.

I’ve just discovered a couple of wonderful collections of art-related content on YouTube, and it is far too good to keep to myself.

The first is Great Museums Television. Here, you can watch full episodes of art- and culture-related documentaries through YouTube, Netflix, iTunes and more. You can learn about sports museums, collections in New Orleans and Hanvana, and take a tour of one of my favorite museums, the Metropolitan Museum in New York City.

There are more than 45 documentaries to enjoy! Lots to fill the long winter nights!

Another one of our favorite art hosts is Andrew Graham Dixon. He is one of the world’s leading art critics and educators. Did you know YouTube auto-generates ‘topic’ areas, like this one on Andrew Graham Dixon?

We’ve watched several of his BBC art documentaries, but there is lots of content we haven’t seen. Do you love the works of art that were created during the Renaissance? What do you know about Ice Age art? Do you wonder what Viking art contributed to Europe? Dixon provides thoughtful, articulate commentary about these — and many more — topics.

Here, for example, is a fascinating look at the Medici Family and the way they wove sculpture, painting and architecture into their life in Florence, Italy.

Although these two ‘channels’ will keep you busy for a while, another place to get lost in the world of art is in the Google Cultural Institute Art Project. From this landing page, you can visit museum collections around the world (over 400 of them). With some, you can take a virtual walk through a museum (think Google street view, but inside a museum), but all have highlights from the collections and sometimes even videos about a work of art.

If you want to know a little more about printmaking, and how I create my artwork, I also have a YouTube Channel. There are videos about my process on different works of art, my conversation with a magpie, and more.

A few years ago, I had a chat with GC Creative Studio, a creative couple from Cleveland who interviewed me for their GC Creativity Series. Enjoy this video of me presenting why my art inspires my life.

If you have any great — and free — art content to share, I would love to hear about it!

4 responses to “Love art documentaries? Fill your boots!

  1. I’d also recommend the BBC’s Reith Lecture series! Amazing insights on art and art making. This past year’s lectures from Grayson Perry were brilliant – a wealth of insight, and entertaining too (he’s quite witty).

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