My art finds its way to the set of Fargo

(June 12, 2015 Update: Just heard from Bluerock Gallery that all these framed art pieces have been purchased by the production company! I guess they didn’t want to send them back! *grin*)

Thanks to Bluerock Gallery’s leasing program with a production company, four of my limited edition prints are now part of the set of Fargo’s 2nd television season.

The production company has been using Alberta art for the set designs in Fargo since filming their first television season near Calgary in early 2014. Calgary doubled for Minnesota and North Dakota in the first season of Fargo and will play the part of South Dakota in the second season.

The designers were looking for authentic rural art, and they found it in spades at Bluerock Gallery, nestled in the foothills in Black Diamond, Alberta. If you’ve never been there, it is definitely worth a visit. Check out this blog I wrote about them a few years ago.

Although other artists’ art will also be part of the Fargo production, here are the four handmade pieces of mine that the Fargo production team chose. I’ll be watching the second season closely to see if I can spot them!


“The Girls” Limited Edition Art Print, 6.25″ high x 9″ wide


“Sarah” Limited Edition Art Print, 7.25″ high x 5″ wide

LINDA COTE-How Does Your Garden Grow

“How Does Your Garden Grow”, Limited Edition Art Print, 9.125″ high X 6″ wide

LINDA COTE-Daisy Faces

“Daisy Faces”, Limited Edition Art Print, 7″ high x 5″ wide

All these prints are part of a limited edition series, and some in the edition are still available. Visit my website for a look at all my handmade linocut prints and cards, or click on the photos in this blog to go right to my online store.


8 responses to “My art finds its way to the set of Fargo

  1. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting, I will be clued to the TV too and see if I can spot your work. ( I love Fargo too ;0)) Well done, Linda, you must be so happy!
    xo Johanna

  2. Beyond awesome!! I am glad they chose the little girl with pail and sunflowers!! I enjoyed your post on that image before. And it is so cute. Exciting news!

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