Happy Hoppin’ Easter!

I don’t really consider myself a bunny person, but then I got thinking about the number of times rabbits show up in my art. Hmmm. I guess maybe I AM a bunny person!

LINDA COTE-Urban Bunny

So to wish you all a Happy Easter Weekend, I thought I would share my bunny shannanigans from the last several years.

The bunny on the left was my first printmaking bunny, based on one of several rabbits we would see hanging about our town.

You can see the whole process on a previous blog here. This blog also explains why handmade linocuts are “not your typical print”.

The last print of URBAN BUNNY is listed in my Etsy shop. Once it’s purchased, this edition will also be sold out!

Next up are my handmade linocut greeting cards that feature rabbits (and those who wish they were a rabbit!) I recently noted — I have quite a few!

LINDA COTE-Backyard-Bunny

Backyard Bunny


LINDA COTE-Spring-Bunny

Spring Bunny


LINDA COTE-Harried HareTwitter

Harried Hare


LINDA COTE-Funny Bunny

Funny Bunny

And,  no Easter post would be complete without Eggs and Chicks.

LINDA COTE-Eggs and Chicks

Have a fabulous holiday weekend, all!

2 responses to “Happy Hoppin’ Easter!

  1. Happy Easter Linda!! Thanks for taking us hippity hoppity down the bunny trail!! I don’t know if I am a bunny person either, but I am definitely a chick person!!

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