Inspiration wire update 2015

Although I have written about this before, I love a chance to give a shout out to other artists that I love. So, today’s post features updates to my studio inspiration wire.

LINDA COTE-Inspiration Wire 2015My studio inspiration wire has a lot of pieces on it, so I’ve expanded to this metal clip board, too. It’s where I hang treasures I pick up while travelling, trades with other artists and art I buy when I see something I love.

The nature of the wire is that I can change it up as I find new pieces, and I love that. The idea came from a book I read, “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin. You can read my first blog about it here.

LINDA COTE-Inspiration Wire 2015-2So, here are some of my latest additions to the wire that always keeps me inspired in the studio!

LINDA COTE-Eric Hoffman Spofford Press

Eric Hoffman of Spofford Press makes the most amazing woodcuts, linocuts and wood engravings. His level of detail is out of this world. I loved this little crab letterpress card he made — the image measures about an inch square.

LINDA COTE-Justina Smith & Barbara Rumburger

Here are two artists I love — and although the pieces are too heavy for my wire, they have a special place in my studio bookshelf. The “Blue Jay in a Hoodie” painting is by Justina Smith. Justina creates in her Edmonton studio and makes wonderful acrylic and mixed media paintings. The vase is a beautiful creation typical of glass artist Barbara Rumberger, who is part of Canmore’s Fireweed Glass Studio. Barbara’s vases almost show up the flowers they hold!

LINDA COTE-Sophie Two Hoots

This lovely print “Escape” by Sophie Graine of Two Hoots Creative is just so lovely. Sophie and I connected on social media, and I am so glad we did! She also has a blog on WordPress here.

LINDA COTE-Cosmikgoo-No Wine

LINDA COTE-Heather Smith

These last two entries are cards from a favorite printmaker Heather Smith of Cosmikgoo in Calgary. Another great social media connection, Heather and I have met in person, and I love her quirky sense of humor that definitely shows in her art. That wine card? She hand-carved the alphabet out of wine corks, and hand-prints the messages on by hand. Now, that’s what I call inspired!

8 responses to “Inspiration wire update 2015

  1. Every time you post about your inspiration wire I think it is so cool. It is a great idea. I like how you keep the idea going year after year.

    • Thanks Deb. I was sharing the idea with a studio visitor recently and she loved the idea. Then I realized I hadn’t updated the blog about it for a while! Thanks for reading, always!

      • I will do quite a few shows beginning in the fall. Just finalizing details of two September shows, and have two booked for November. I post the details on my website event section once I have confirmation of the shows. Do you do art shows?

      • I have toyed with the idea of art shows, but now in Red Deer the closest is farmer’s market or the public market, Art Walk no longer exists. Because Red Deer really doesn’t have that much going on in the visual arts I have been looking at two different ways to get my work out there and also broaden the scope for selling (can you tell this has been on my mind!!). The first thing I am thinking of doing are “art garage sales” and tap into the huge garage sale culture that happens in town….advertising the sale among the regular ones. I suspect it might work, especially since I also have the bracelets, knits and scarves to add into the mix. We are renovating the garage at the moment into a studio so it will also be a nice space to display and sell. The second thing I have been focusing on is Handmade in Canada. Last fall we formed the idea and secured the domain name. In short it is a website that combines Canadian artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers so that we can present ourselves together and get cross over business as we promote ourselves. My goal is also to get representation from coast to coast so that we aren’t only showing what we do in our own communities. The site is really new (maybe up a month), and I am building right now, but looking at the stats and the increase in inquiries people are definitely looking at what we are making. I’ve kept the cost under $10 a month (two Starbuck’s coffees!) so that any level of artist can afford it; sometimes there are some very good artists with really small budgets, so I have kept the cost really low. The site is if you want to take a look. I think these two approaches are going to be interesting to work on. They keep the overhead low and take away dealing with taking a hit when commission is charged (can you tell I spent way too long in the photography business crunching costing! LOL!). It is going to be an interesting year taking a few different approaches.

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