An abundance of birds

If you know me, you know I am a bit bird-crazy. If you follow my art, you may have gleaned that, too.

LINDA COTE-MallardI get pretty excited in the spring when the birds become more plentiful in Canmore. Although lots of birds stay here in the mountains year-round, many others return from further south to mate and raise their babies in the Rockies.

For me, spring is a time to take out my camera and snap lots of reference photos for upcoming art projects.

On this blog, I’ll share one of my YouTube videos, because sometimes you just have to hear the birds. I’m always happy to catch any bird on camera, but be sure to check out the lovely footage of a Red-winged Blackbird in full spring primping mode at the end of this video!

To create my art, I use only my own photos, taken primarily in the Bow Valley region of the Canadian Rockies. (My one exception was Dave, the sheep, based on a photo taken by a friend.) So, my art reflects a wide range of birds that can be found here in Canmore, Alberta.

Here is a selection of my recent art projects honoring the lovely birds of the Canadian Rockies. (Click on each piece for more information about the handmade print.)

LINDA COTE-Little Robin

“Little Robin” One-Color Linocut Art Print

LINDA COTE-Blue Jay's Perch

“Blue Jay’s Perch” Three-Color Reduction Linocut Art Print

LINDA COTE-Canadian Songbird 2

“Canadian Songbird 2” Two-Color Linocut Art Print

LINDA COTE-Little Mallard

“Little Mallard” One-Color Linocut Art Print

LINDA COTE-Magpie Morning

“Magpie Morning” 7.5′ x 8.125″ Limited Edition Art Print

LINDA COTE-Little Burrowing Owls

“Little Burrowing Owls” One-Color Linocut Art print

LINDA COTE-Magpie Spring

“Magpie Spring” Hand-painted (watercolor) Linocut Art Print

For a complete look at my linocut art for sale, visit my store at


4 responses to “An abundance of birds

  1. I enjoyed finding your site tonight and will read through some of your blogs over the holidays, I connect readily with your images as a bird lover since a youth and as a horticulturalist in mid-life. Currently, I’m a 2nd year arts student at VIU Nanaimo and started printmaking this fall.
    Completed the 1st lino cut at home last night and without all the school studio supplies and wish I had found your site last week while acquiring supplies, especially the inks. I have found a niche in printmaking and look forward to uncovering some of the mysteries through continued practice and application.
    I look forward to connecting through your sight now I have found you.
    You live in a stimulating part of Western Canada and I can see how that powerful natural energy must influence you. Best wishes, Don

    • What a lovely comment, Don! So happy to help a fellow printmaker. There is something about this process that is so magical! Best of luck with your studies…Nanaimo is a gorgeous area as well. I’m sure you saw in the post the link to my YouTube channel where I show my processes and also talk about my inspiration and supplies. Sometimes it’s helpful to see it!
      Happy printmaking, Don!

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