Thank you to my village!!

You’ve heard that saying, “It takes a village”? Today, the weekend after my last art event of the season, I was thinking of how grateful I am for everybody who helps me every week with my art practice, in many different ways.

This blog is a shout out to those people.

LINDA COTE-art studio

My husband who is my champion.

Always the one to send me off to the studio — even when there are dishes to do or teenagers to drive. He is my biggest champion and greatest support. He never complains … even when carrying a heavy 200-pound antique printing press up three flights of stairs to my studio! He always helps pack me up and unload for every art sale away from the studio — no small feat when you have to move art and mountains of display material from my third-floor studio. For his steadfast encouragement, I am forever grateful.

My friends who assist me at art sales.

Recently, my friend Joan offered to help me at a sale in Calgary. We left Canmore for Calgary at 5:30 in the morning, and she even made us lattes to go! It was a long day for both of us, and she kept a smile on all day! This past weekend, my friend Lauri showed up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning to help whip my booth into shape for the Handmade Here show in Calgary. I couldn’t have set up my 10-foot space without her! I am SO grateful to both these friends for their cheerful help – and for the many more who have helped me over the years.

Those who come to my art shows.

Thank you to all of you who show up at my art events, open studio tours and more. Your presence makes my heart glad. At my September open studio tour, I had visits from family and friends who drove from Calgary to spend time with me. The studio filled with raucous laughter, and I’m sure we drove a few folks away! But, that’s the best part of these tours … catching up with people! You have no idea how much it means to me.

In my studio with my parents and friend, Kevin.

In my studio with my parents and our family friend, Kevin.

My mom and dad.

These two have supported of my creativity since I was a little girl. They supplied me with endless crayons, pencil crayons and tons and tons of paper and art supplies over the years. My mom is famous for buying my cards at the stores where I sell, and she pays full retail, even though she knows she supposed to come to me for the family discount! When I say this, she just looks at me and says, “This is your business you know!” Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you’ve done to inspire my heart every day and every year of my life!

My artist friends.

There are MANY, but most of all, this is for Barb Fyvie, my studio mate, who is always there for me. We talk about the business of art, our next projects or whatever we are working on at the time. She and my other artist friends provide the invaluable service of keeping me grounded!

LINDA COTE-Barb and I studio

My children.

From them I get a honest look at my art. From my son who tells me to put more dance moves in my videos to get more views, to my 24-year-old who is pursuing his own music career and writes the wonderful sound tracks for my YouTube videos…thank you for never shying away from telling me the truth about my creations, and giving me high-fives after an art show. Your input is honest and refreshing and I’m all the better for it.

My customers.

Without you, my world would be smaller. Thank you for purchasing handmade, for sharing other artists you think I would love, for recommending my art, sharing your incredible stories and for becoming friends of mine!


I have met so many amazing people through this art practice. I truly believe that is what living a creative life is all about!


9 responses to “Thank you to my village!!

  1. Lovely post, we have a lot of people to thank for a career in art. My own parents now sadly gone, both did everything to encourage me to do what I wanted to do despite both working in very conventional employment, my Mum a teacher and my Dad a policeman.This post really resonated with me.

  2. You’re an inspiration to so many people, Linda. I always tell Kevin how much I enjoy going to visit you because of that ever-smile on your face that lifts everyone’s spirit as soon as they are near you. Congratulations on all your success with your art studio. You deserve all of it and more.

    • Kim, you are the sweetest! Thank you for saying so. I am so glad that we have kept our connection all these years. It’s been inspiring watching you stretch your wings with your business, too. And, of course, Kevin is such a lovely young man — we are happy to see him any time! Thanks for keeping us in your circle!

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