What inspires you?

It is just past the winter solstice here in Canada. I must admit to looking forward to this time of year primarily because the days begin to get longer again.

LINDA COTE-Snow Walk3Here in the Canadian Rockies, you only get about 8 hours of sun in the dead of winter. So, I always feel a little more joyful when the world welcomes more light.


It is also a time to remember — if I push myself to get outside when it’s cold — that the winter landscape is so inspiring. There is something completely amazing about this time of year. The play of light on the snow is magical.


The beauty of the Rockies in winter always takes my breath away!

We were also  delighted to find this winter crow hanging out in depressions in the snow where the long summer marsh grass is evident under cover. It seems to be an area where the elk bed down, and I suspect that the trampled area makes food a little easier to find for the birds.

These photos were captured on the Fenland Trail, just a few blocks from the busy center of the townsite of Banff. I love that the forest is a place to find peace, even during the busiest times of year.


The icing on the cake today was coming out of the forest to the wide-open landscape of Vermilion Lakes and the majestic Mount Rundle in the distance. A reward for being out on such a lovely day!

LINDA COTE-Mt RundleWhat inspires you when you feel a little pent up? Does getting outside feed your soul?

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