My artwork at new Banff store!

I’m delighted to announce that my handmade linocut art and cards will now be sold at Banff’s newest store: Branches Marketplace!

LINDA COTE-At BranchesBranches is the creation of Leanne and Peter McKeown of Canmore. They’ve been residents of Canmore for 15 years. Living in Calgary before that, they are also long-time fans of Banff. So, when Leanne was looking for a place to open a store of curated handmade artisan gifts and lifestyle accessories, she felt Banff was just the place for it.

“We wanted to focus on one-of-a-kind and small-batch pieces crafted with care by local and regional Canadian artisans and makers,” Leanne said on the opening day of her store. “Our selection of quality pieces are for everyday use, from the jewelry we sell, to home decor items and artisanal products.”

Leanne welcomed the public on this first day of her new life chapter. It’s Friday, May 20, 2016, and she’s opened the store in Banff on the busy first long weekend of the season. Already, by 11 am, Branches was thronged with customers looking to explore the store that has tantalizingly had brown wrap on the windows for a few months as this Cascade Mall location took shape.

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff Ext The store has street access (on Wolf Street in Banff, Alberta) but can also be accessed inside on the Main Level of Cascade Shops (on the 300 block of Banff Avenue).

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff Mall

Inside, the store features unique pieces with what Leanne calls a “mountain vibe”. She has place cards with artists’ information to tell the story of the artist or the pieces. There are fun and stylish Canadiana gifts and many unique handmade products.

Here’s a little taste of what you can expect to see when you visit Branches Marketplace.

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff5

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff3

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff4

LINDA COTE-Branches Wall & artI love the display of my framed and unframed prints on this wall, along with a local photographer!

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff1Here is Leanne on opening day with her Assistant Manager, Crystal. The register was busy already, and it sounds like today’s visitors are loving the store!

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff2“We’ve really put a lot of emphasis on having pieces that provide a unique mountain shopping experience,” Leanne explains. “We are continually building our inventory and finding new pieces and new artists to source from. It’s my hope that what you see today will always hit this note, but when you come back, each time you’ll find something a little different.”

From what I saw today, I think the note she is trying to hit is perfect. I sure saw lots of bags going out the door! Good luck with this great new chapter, Leanne!

LINDA COTE-Branches Banff Bag

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