Heading into the New Year inspired

One of my favorite art studio fixtures is my inspiration wire, an idea I grabbed from artist and writer Kari Chapin as I explain on my blog here.

Throughout every year, I love to collect work from other artists and hang these on my inspiration wire above my work space so they can inspire me as I work. Here are the recent additions to my wire – keeping some goodies around – and adding new works picked up along my creative trail in 2016.

Get ready for a bird theme, and lots of printmaking!


This piece (excuse the mother brag) is by my son. I am always so drawn to art made by children. It has a freshness we adults sometimes find it hard to produce. This Christmas Cardinal gift card from my youngest pleased me because he knows how much I love birds.


This is from an artist I have long admired, Jessica Nielsen, and I’m so delighted to now own one of her Chickadee prints! Jess’ hand-pulled prints and fabric designs are fantastic. Check out her work on Etsy, with links to other social channels she is on.


Did you ever see a piece of art and think: “I wish I did that?” That’s how I feel about Justin Miller’s linocuts. Justin is an art teacher and printmaker, and you can find more of his incredible work in his Etsy Shop Bound Staff Press.


Heather Huston, artist and teacher at Alberta College of Art & Design, creates beautful works of art with  screen printing and other techniques.I love her sense of whimsy, as is evidenced by this Christmas card. Do check out her website to see her creations from her national and international exhibitions.


Travis of Port Paper Co. has a wickedly good sense of humor and uses this to turn his wonderful letterpress creations into great pieces of art. I met Travis at a local Canmore art show, and was delighted to discover he lives and works only 45 minutes east of here. Do check out his work. It’s a delight!


Sophie Graine of Two Hoots Creative has an amazing gift for printmaking and painting. We connected over our shared love of the mountains, and this summer we had a coffee together when she came through town! We could have talked for hours. Before Christmas, I was delighted to receive two linocut pine cone gift tags in the mail from her! These tags are simple, but beautifully rendered; a testament to her ability to take a complex subject and boil it down into a gorgeous piece of linocut art. I’ve featured Sophie’s work once before on this inspiration wire post.


I love the idea of printing on found papers, or in this case, a map. There is so much character in this linocut prairie chicken by Charley Forsyth! For more of Charley’s art, visit See Force Art on Etsy.


It’s been fun to watch my friend, Terri, expand her creative practice from quilting and fibre arts, to textural design and fabric printing. A mutual friend brought me a piece of Terri’s art for Christmas, and I just can’t use this beautiful tea towel for dishes! It’s going to hang on my wire for a while!


Sometimes, a piece that is so beautiful, but is too big to hang on my wire, just has to be included. This piece was created by Canmore artist and designer, Lesley Russell. Although I am sure it may have originally been intended for a house, it told me it wanted to come to my studio for a much more creative purpose and hold my printmaking brayers! Of course, Lesley, being an artist herself, thought that was the perfect placement!

Wishing you all a creative year ahead in 2017, surrounded by artists, makers, friends, family and others that inspire YOU!



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